Hoosier Made Toy Co.

I was inspired to create this one of kind toy company, and one of a kind toy, almost mythically. One day it was just all there and the stars aligned. I can’t fully explain – but from a friend’s post about crocheted toys and a dream of providing a fun, meaningful and engaging job opportunity to disabled Hoosiers – was born Hoosier Made Toy Co and our Werzid.

As a kid who was a regular in a resource classroom, to working with disabled Hoosiers in high school and as an instructional aide in my 20’s, this community near and dear to my heart. I’ve always felt that these individuals were an untapped asset in our community and job statistics show that many capable, willing and hard working individuals are without employment. Hoosier Made Toys wants to change that by provide an adaptive, flexible, fun, and enriching workplace environment.