About Us


What IS a Werzid?

This 7-inch tall fleece oddity is anything you want it to be! It's handcrafted construction is a rewarding job to those under-represented in the work place. It's a gift, it's an inspiration for the child in you or the child in your life.

Intended for open ended, imaginative play, the Werzid has no rules. It can come to a tea party in the morning, a game of “kick” after lunch and then be ready for bed time snuggles. It’s a pony, a shark, a dinosaur, a bug, a friend... It’s undefined and perfectly intentional.

Werzid is a one-for-one endeavor. It is our greatest wish that every kid who needs a toy - who needs a friend, and a play toy, and something uniquely and truly their own, will receive a Werzid. One purchased, one gifted.

Next Steps...

Pop over to Kickstarter and pledge your support to make Werzid come alive for kids (and kid’s at heart)!